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Meet Allison.


It all started as a passion of working with flowers, something I've been doing my entire life, that became a dream to one day open a flower shop of my own.  As a professionally trained and licensed interior designer by trade, flowers were always my creative outlet of choice, even while working within a creative field.

After a particularly lovely summer of traveling, it became clear to me that beauty follows when you make the decision to embrace your passions.  Life is too short not to live for the now.  Surround yourself with flowers & say yes to that glass of champagne.


Vision & Values

As this dream started to take shape, I quickly realized that it was important to me to create more than a store, but a place that the community could come together to celebrate life through flowers.  A place where you can come and relax, enjoy a glass of champagne amongst friends and simply bask in a beautiful setting.  A one stop shop where you can outfit your dining table to the nines with beautiful linens, curated table accessories, and of course flowers.  Which in turn has evolved the vision of Flora & Fauna into what it is today, a

Flower Shop and Champagne Room.


Value 01

Bringing the beauty of flowers and sharing the joy that they bring to others is my passion, and guiding force.

Value 02

Collaboration is key when I'm working with clients.  It is refreshing to brainstorm new creations together on how to incorporate flowers in unexpected ways, to bring their

visions to life. 


Value 03

It is equally important to me to utilize more sustainable mechanics and practices, just as it is my job to evoke emotions and create a sense of place through flowers.

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